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Smoother Skin May Be Treatments Away with Laser Skin Resurfacing Centennial

Find Smoother Skin with Laser Skin Resurfacing

Posted on 8/7/2022

By: Katie Guest

There are countless options available today when it comes to improving the health and appearance of your skin, but many treatments are time-consuming, inconvenient, or simply ineffective. With laser skin resurfacing, however, patients can get a more vibrant, youthful-looking complexion with a single session that takes just 30 – 60 minutes. At Injecting Confidence Aesthetic Medicine, registered nurse and aesthetician Katie Guest helps patients feel more comfortable and confident in their own skin with advanced laser skin resurfacing. Find out more about this exciting technology, and learn if you may be a candidate for laser skin resurfacing here.

What does laser skin resurfacing do?

Laser skin resurfacing can be used to address the unwanted side effects of aging on the face, neck, and other areas by heating and destroying dead or damaged layers of the skin to reveal new, healthier skin cells. Some of the most common skin concerns that can be dramatically improved with laser skin resurfacing include:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Enlarged pores
  • Mild skin laxity
  • Sun damage
  • Age spots
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Acne scarring

Does laser skin resurfacing hurt?

Your comfort is a top priority at Injecting Confidence Aesthetic Medicine. Prior to your laser skin resurfacing treatment, a topical anesthetic will be applied to numb the skin and ensure you have a comfortable, enjoyable experience.

How long does laser skin resurfacing take?

Depending on the area being treated and other individual factors, patients can expect their laser skin resurfacing treatment to take about 30 – 60 minutes in total.

How many laser skin resurfacing treatments do you need?

Most patients achieve a noticeable improvement in their complexion after a single laser skin resurfacing treatment. For patients who prefer a gentler laser peel – meaning one that utilizes less energy and involves a shorter recovery period – a series of treatments may be necessary to reach their desired goals.

How long is recovery after laser skin resurfacing?

Each laser skin resurfacing treatment can be customized to help meet the patient’s needs. For light laser peels, patients can expect a recovery period of about 3 – 5 days. Patients who choose a strong laser peel should plan for their skin to continue healing over a 2 – 3 week period. During the healing phase following laser skin resurfacing, it is critical that patients avoid picking at their skin. Direct sun exposure should also be avoided, and the skin should be kept moisturized and protected. Following your treatment, our knowledgeable team will explain laser skin resurfacing aftercare instructions at length.

Am I a good candidate for a laser peel?

Laser skin resurfacing is safe and appropriate for most skin types, but there are some exceptions. Patients with a very dark skin tone should not undergo a Laser Peel. Additionally, patients with an active acne outbreak and other skin conditions may not qualify for laser skin resurfacing. During your initial consultation for a laser peel, Katie will thoroughly evaluate your skin and determine whether laser skin resurfacing or another treatment may be the most appropriate option for you.

Glow up this season with laser skin resurfacing

If you are looking for a convenient, effective, and long-lasting solution for boosting the health and radiance of your complexion, look no further. To schedule your one-on-one consultation for laser skin resurfacing, call Injecting Confidence Aesthetic Medicine today.

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