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Med Spa Centennial, CO  Centennial Med Spa Centennial, CO  Centennial Med Spa Centennial, CO  Centennial Med Spa Centennial, CO  Centennial
Med Spa Centennial, CO  Centennial

Med Spa Centennial, CO

Med Spa Centennial, CO  Centennial

Confidence Is The Most Beautiful Thing You Can Wear

Welcome To Injecting Confidence Aesthetic Medicine

The team at Injecting Confidence Aesthetic Medicine is ready to help you look and feel more youthful. We specialize in wrinkle relaxers, dermal fillers, laser procedures, and nonsurgical skin rejuvenation treatments within a spa-like space. When it comes to your care, we are perfectionists, so our expert providers will tend to every detail and offer a first-class treatment experience. Ever since our Centennial Med Spa opened in 2018, our goal has been to give each patient who walks through our doors the knowledge and quality aesthetic care they need to live life with confidence. We look forward to helping you put your best face forward.

Defy Aging

Regenerative Medicine in Centennial, CO

Regenerative Medicine finds itself immersed in a thrilling era of unparalleled advancements, particularly in the field of anti-aging therapies. Gone are the days of feeling constrained by our age; instead, we now have the opportunity to attain a youthful appearance that aligns with our inner vitality. Achieving this requires a proactive approach: one that emphasizes early intervention, prevention, and dedicated maintenance.

Through the power of cutting-edge techniques such as exosome therapy, PRP (platelet-rich plasma), Sculptra, Hyperdilute Radiesse, laser skin rejuvenation, microneedling, and more, we can unlock the full potential of regenerative treatments, offering you the means to defy the limitations of time and showcase a rejuvenated, age-defying version of yourself. Embrace the possibilities and embark on a vibrant and youthful transformation.

Injecting Confidence. Spreading Joy!

Meet Injecting Confidence Founder Katie Guest

Katie Guest, BSN, RN, is an experienced medical professional specializing in comprehensive Aesthetic Care in Centennial, CO. She is passionate about using the latest treatment methods to enhance your natural beauty and help you feel more confident while ensuring that your experience is worthwhile, rewarding, and fun!

Katie created Injecting Confidence to give the Centennial community an aesthetic experience that provides the best of everything: impeccable safety, great results, a welcoming environment, and a decadently joyful “we’ve thought of everything” experience that feels like a true luxury. That’s Injecting Confidence.

Your Beauty Besties

The Injecting Confidence Team

If you love the feeling of looking your best, you’ve found your squad! Our team is full of passionate women who delight in passing on their beauty knowledge and talents to our patients. When you arrive, you’ll be treated to a refreshment of your choice and an opportunity to level up your knowledge of aesthetics by chatting with our trained nurses, injectors, and aesthetic specialists.

Our team will spend time getting to know you and learning about your goals so they can recommend the best procedures for your needs. We use cutting edge products, technologies and techniques to achieve results that you just can’t get anywhere else.

Med Spa Centennial, CO  Centennial
Med Spa Centennial, CO  Centennial
Med Spa Centennial, CO  Centennial
Med Spa Centennial, CO  Centennial
Med Spa Centennial, CO  Centennial
Med Spa Centennial, CO  Centennial
Botox Med Spa Centennial, CO  Centennial Dermal Fillers Med Spa Centennial, CO  Centennial Laser Skin Rejuvenation Med Spa Centennial, CO  Centennial Exosomes Med Spa Centennial, CO  Centennial Chemical Peels Med Spa Centennial, CO  Centennial Microneedling Med Spa Centennial, CO  Centennial

Embrace Your Beauty

Botox in Centennial, CO

If the signs of aging have etched themselves onto your face, leaving you dissatisfied with your appearance, there is a solution that can restore your confidence: Botox therapy. By receiving Botox at Injecting Confidence, you can quickly and effectively reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles, leading to a noticeable increase in self-assurance and overall satisfaction with your appearance. Watch as Botox works its magic to revitalize your look, leaving you looking younger and feeling renewed.

Botox Med Spa Centennial, CO  Centennial

Up Your Selfie Game

South Denver Dermal Fillers

Dermal Fillers are a popular and effective way to reduce wrinkles and hollows without undergoing surgery. At Injecting Confidence, Dermal fillers work like magic and can help you achieve a youthful glow at any age. With the latest injectables available, you can embrace your unique beauty and feel confident whenever it’s time to shine for the camera.

Dermal Fillers Med Spa Centennial, CO  Centennial

A Rejuvenation Revolution

Laser Skin Rejuvenation in Centennial, CO

Consider Laser Skin Resurfacing if you're dealing with acne scars, fine lines, or wrinkles. It's a great way to tackle age spots, imperfections, and sagging skin. You have a few options when it comes to facial resurfacing, like laser and Opus Plasma treatments. At Injecting Confidence, we'll help you figure out which one is the best for your skin rejuvenation journey. Let's unlock the secrets to achieving gorgeous skin!

Laser Skin Rejuvenation Med Spa Centennial, CO  Centennial

Regeneration Youth

South Denver Area Exosomes

Exosome therapy is an exciting new approach in the field of regenerative medicine that can help improve your appearance and promote healing in a non-invasive way. Exosomes are tiny particles that come from your own cells and contain helpful substances like proteins and genetic material. They have the ability to influence other cells in your body and help them function better. In medical aesthetics, exosomes derived from special cells called stem cells can be used to enhance the skin by promoting the production of important substances like collagen and elastin. This can improve the appearance of scars, acne, sagging skin, and wrinkles. Exosome therapy has also shown promise in helping to regrow hair without any known side effects.

Exosomes Med Spa Centennial, CO  Centennial

In Your Peels

Chemical Peels in Centennial, CO

When it comes to reclaiming your youthful radiance and addressing skin issues like fine lines, discoloration, and large pores, rest assured that you have a multitude of options at your disposal. For those seeking non-surgical alternatives to plastic surgery in Colorado, Chemical Peels have emerged as a confident choice, offering a proven method to rejuvenate the skin for both women and men alike. Embrace the power of chemical peels and unveil a refreshed, revitalized version of yourself.

Chemical Peels Med Spa Centennial, CO  Centennial

An Aesthetic Life Hack

Centennial Microneedling

Your skin loses its natural firmness, radiance, and softness, and you may start to notice lines, wrinkles, and creases as time progresses. Sun damage and pollution can also contribute to hyperpigmentation, while gravity can make your skin sag. With all these obstacles, keeping your skin looking beautiful and radiant can feel more difficult with time. But there's good news: Injecting Confidence offers one of the best microneedling services in Centennial, CO, which can help amplify your skin's natural luminosity. Our exceptional Microneedling treatments can revitalize your skin, giving you the confidence and radiance you deserve.

Microneedling Med Spa Centennial, CO  Centennial

Patient Testimonials

Med Spa Centennial, CO  Centennial

“Katie is the best”

“I found injecting confidence a couple years ago because I wanted to try Botox and by just reading reviews I ran across injecting confidence. I love the quality that I get every time I go and the atmosphere is very welcoming and comfortable. Katie is the best, I have seen her for a couple years now and I won’t go to anyone but her.” — M.A.U., Google.

“Go to Katie, treat yourself.”

“Let me tell you, my face has never been in better hands. I’ve trusted Katie for three years. Gives you honest advice, makes you look like the best version of yourself. I always come to her even when I moved an hour away.” — P.B., Google.

“I won’t be going anywhere else!”

“I found Injecting Confidence through a google search several years ago and have been a customer ever since. I love that I can get Botox to get rid of the annoying lines while still keeping my face looking natural and like myself. At other places I’ve gone to, I felt like I was being upsold to inject more. I never feel that way at IC... I won’t be going anywhere else!” — N.D., Google

“Amazing experience, always!!”

“Amazing experience, always!! Customer for over two years, I’m personally a CO native, I’m an Esthetician who would describe myself as “high maintenance” and “type A” , I’m also an Esthetician with many decades experience. With all of that said: I would not go anywhere, other then Injecting Confidence for any Botox, fillers & advanced treatments that are being offered!! Spa is beautiful, it’s so sanitary and clean, it’s inviting, plenty of parking and we love Katie!” — J.W., Google

“A great find.”

“I moved to Denver recently and needed to rebuild my ever-growing maintenance team! Katie did an excellent job, very professional and just downright likeable. You are in good hands, plus she is the owner so you know she is not going anywhere. A great find.” — A.E., Google

“Run … don’t walk ... to this place.”

“Run … don’t walk ... to this place. It is so beautiful and clean... My Botox is ::chefs kiss:: for real. Trust me.” — S.G., Google

“Treat yourself and check them out!”

“They are delightful; professional, knowledgeable, patient, skilled and careful in their work. Each time I have visited the salon, I have felt welcomed and comfortable. Even the salon space itself is so darn cute, comfortable, and inviting! I have been very satisfied with the care and services that I have received from Injecting Confidence. Treat yourself and check them out!” — M.O., Google

“This is a wonderful place!”

“This is a wonderful place! Excellent customer service and listen to their customers! Very subtle aging management.” — N.H., Google

“Everything I was looking for”

“Katie has an incredibly cute, conveniently located, and clean medical spa facility. Her staff is friendly and kind and very helpful.”

“You’re greeted upon entry and given your paperwork and everything is explained and you’re directed where to go which as a new patient, is EVERYTHING! I’ve had Botox and Juvederm before, but the level of service and overall feel of everything - from the treatment to the rooms to the staff - was everything I was looking for. Can’t wait to continue my appointments with Katie and her team!” — K.L., Google

“Highly Recommend them!”

“Very knowledgeable about all things skin care. I have seen excellent results with IPL facials and peels. I also look years younger with Botox. They never try to up sell you on anything but listen to your skincare goals and talk you through the best options. I would highly recommend them!” — C.S., Google

“Very professional and knowledgeable”

“Very professional and knowledgeable about all of their services and products.” — T.W., Google

“Amazing and so friendly”

“I’ll keep it short and sweet.

  1. availability - I didn’t have to book 3 months in advance
  2. Ambiance - cute, stylish and easy to park
  3. She was amazing and so friendly
  4. Price - extremely competitive
  5. I thought I needed more units than she suggested. We settled on a middle ground and it’s absolutely perfect
  6. She is my go-to girl from now on! Thank you thank you thank you!” — L.W., Google

“Very professional, courteous, and educated”

“Injecting confidence is my main go to… They’re very professional, courteous, and educated, on the art of injections!” — B.F., Google

“Highly recommend!”

“Excellent bedside manner, detail oriented, great staff... Highly recommend!” — M.H., Google

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Feelin' Confident

At Injecting Confidence, we believe that the essence of Medical Aesthetics is in understanding who our patients are. Refreshing the outside helps bring forward the beauty within.

It’s our mission to bring the light inside of you to the surface. Through the many cutting edge products and techniques at our disposal, we can revitalize the youthful exuberance that is inside of you. At our Centennial Med Spa our main goal is for you to leave our office walking a bit taller after each and every visit.

Medical-Grade Skincare

At Injecting Confidence, we take pride in providing a wide range of medical-grade skincare solutions that cater to your unique needs. We offer premium products from top brands such as Eminence Skincare, Revision Skincare, EltaMD, Obagi, and Hydrinity that have been clinically tested and proven to deliver exceptional results.

Our medspa in Centennial has skincare options that are designed to help you achieve your desired outcome, whether it's reducing fine lines and wrinkles, achieving an even skin tone, or protecting your skin from environmental factors. You can trust us to provide you with the ultimate in Medical-Grade skincare, so you can confidently embrace healthy, radiant skin.

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Med Spa Centennial, CO  Centennial
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Discover Your Best Self

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At Injecting Confidence Med Spa located in Centennial, CO, you can benefit from the amazing effects of medical-grade skincare and advanced aesthetic procedures. Our team of skilled providers offers a variety of treatments, such as Botox® / Xeomin, dermal fillers, microneedling, spa facials, and EMFACE®. Our clinically tested products can help you achieve a more youthful and confident look. Don't hesitate to book your consultation today by calling (720) 309-6010.

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