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Even though you may have smiled, frowned, and laughed without concern when you were young, you may now be noticing that the facial lines and wrinkles caused by these expressions are remaining, even after your face relaxes. These dynamic wrinkles are caused by the overuse of the facial muscles, creating visible lines in the overlying skin. XEOMIN is an injectable wrinkle relaxer that, similar to BOTOX®, temporarily relaxes the facial muscles with a purified strain of botulinum toxin type A so your skin will appear softer and smoother. At Injecting Confidence Aesthetic Medicine, we provide nonsurgical XEOMIN injections to treat forehead lines, glabellar lines, and Crow's feet. Schedule a consultation with Katie Guest or Heather McBryde Gilbert at our Centennial, CO office to learn more.

Rather than letting your skin's aging get ahead of you, at Injecting Confidence Aesthetic Medicine, we recommend Xeomin injections for our patients who are looking to receive the following benefits:

  • Quick, painless procedure in our Centennial, CO office
  • Smoothes the appearance of wrinkles in many treatment areas, like eyebrows, eyes, forehead, and smile lines
  • Serves a medical purpose to block twinges or spasms in muscles
  • Fast-acting injectable that will give you quick results

XEOMIN injections at Injecting Confidence Aesthetic Medicine usually take less than 30 minutes and can be completed in our procedure room at the conclusion of your consultation. The treatment area will be sterilized before XEOMIN is carefully injected with a fine-gauge needle. The procedure is fast and most patients experience mild or no discomfort so local anesthesia is not required but is available upon request. You can leave our office immediately after your XEOMIN injections to return to your normal activities; however, exercise and other strenuous activities should be avoided for the rest of the day. You may experience some mild, temporary bruising, swelling, and redness near the injection areas. Many individuals notice visible improvements within 3 – 4 days following their XEOMIN injections.

I Found Heather through a local Facebook group and I could not be happier! I went to the search bar of the group looking for a PA who could give me reliable feedback on my options for Botox, Juvaderm, Xeonim, etc. as this was my first time ever getting anything done. Heather was incredible! She laid out all of the options and listened to all of my concerns before giving her recommendations. I ended up going with Xeonim and I couldn’t be happier! If you’re looking for someone who is more than qualified and has your best interest at heart long term, she is the one for you 💖

K.B. Google

Always love coming to Katie and Heather for Botox / Xeomin treatments. They always listen to exactly what you want and never try to push product. Such a clean and inviting space it is. Thank you again for always making me feel welcome!

R.J. Yelp

Always love coming to Katie and Heather for Botox / Xeomin treatments. They always listen to exactly what you want and never try to push product. Such a clean and inviting space it is. Thank you again for always making me feel welcome!

R.S. Google

I found this gem of a place and will never go anywhere else! Katie is fantastic at her job and will be completely honest with you. Her technique is flawless and most importantly, painless. I highly recommend Injecting Confidence Aesthetic to anyone looking for a lil Confidence boost!

A.M. Google

I've struggled with jaw pain for over 15 years. I've tried so many treatments - jaw massage, OTC pain relievers, heat, ice, night guards (which I chewed through). Finally, I got fed up and decided to seriously consider Botox for my jaw. I called around to different injectors in the area, and I'm so thrilled I ended up at Injecting Confidence with Heather! She's so experienced in this procedure specifically - plus she totally put me at ease. Heather answered all my questions (this was my first Botox injection, so I was a bit nervous!), and the injection itself was painless. Just over a week later, my jaw pain is SO MUCH better. It's pretty mind blowing to wake up without jaw pain after 15+ years of that constant, familiar ache. I'd highly recommend anyone with TMJ / jaw pain to consider jaw / masseter Botox at Injecting Confidence. Heather warned me it would be life changing, and she was right. Thank you Heather & Injecting Confidence!

M. Google


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The aging process may come with gifts, like experience and wisdom, but it has undesirable aspects too, like facial lines and wrinkles. Relax and smooth dynamic wrinkles on your face with XEOMIN wrinkle relaxer treatments at Injecting Confidence Aesthetic Medicine. Schedule a consultation at our Centennial, CO practice to get your personalized XEOMIN treatment plan.

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Should I get XEOMIN or BOTOX?

BOTOX and XEOMIN are both injectable wrinkle relaxers activated by botulinum toxin. The experienced injectors at Injecting Confidence Aesthetic Medicine understand the differences between these wrinkle treatments, so they can determine which is better for you and your aesthetic goals. In your initial consult, your injector will ask about your concerns before choosing if XEOMIN or another injectable is right for your needs.

Should I get XEOMIN or dermal fillers?

Injectable wrinkle relaxers like XEOMIN improve the appearance of dynamic facial wrinkles, especially the frown and smile lines. A wrinkle filler treats static wrinkles and restores volume. Tell your injector about your needs/concerns and goals so they can decide if you should get XEOMIN, a filler, or both.

Is XEOMIN safe?

XEOMIN is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a cosmetic wrinkle treatment, which can be used safely on most patients. During your consultation, your injector will ask you questions, like any known allergies plus all medications, supplements, and herbs you are using. You need to be honest with your injector to avoid unnecessary side effects or complications.

How often should I get XEOMIN injections?

Improvements from XEOMIN can last up to 90 days. Each patient will metabolize XEOMIN at a different rate, which will determine how long their treatment lasts. In your initial consult, your injector will talk about when you should schedule your next appointment.

*Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person. Images may contain models.